5 Surprising Facts and Statistics

1. One surprising statistic shows that if you graduate from college you are far more likely to get married than if you dropped out of high school. Higher education can improve your chances of marriage. In fact college graduates have a 10%-15% better chance of becoming a spouse than those who did not complete high school or go to college. Graduate high school and get a college degree if marriage is essential to increase your odds.
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2. One statistic that is troubling concerns white males who are or have been incarcerated. Caucasian men who have spent time in prison or jail are 95% more likely to be married by the age of 40 than many other populations. This is due to the number of women who romanticize violent criminals and actually marry these individuals, both inside jail and prison and in the free world. The downside to this is having a convicted spouse who is absent due to incarceration.

3. Christians are almost 20% more likely to marry than atheists are, and this is a pretty large percentage based on religion alone. This may be due to the fact that an atheist does not believe in god and may consider marriage a religious matter rather than a civil matter.

4. Where you live can also change your odds. Some areas have a high percentage of marriage minded individuals while other areas are less marriage conducive. Individuals in the state of Nebraska have approximately a 30% better chance of being married than individuals who live in the nation’s capital of Washington DC. If marriage is extremely important than you can always move to a state that has a higher rate of marriage to improve your odds.

5. If you are a female who is single then joining the armed forces may be the answer. Female women who are in the United States military have marriage rates that are over 200% higher than single females who are in the civilian sector.

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